Honorary mention in the 2020 HURRAA awards

Published 04.12.2020

SARC Architects’ large office restauration project “Raaden hammas”, nowadays known as the Accountor Tower, has received an honorary mention in HURRAA 2020 awards granted by the Building Board and the Building Supervision Department of Espoo. SARC has been responsible for both the architect and the lead design as well as for a larger city plan change in the area. Accountor Tower is the first building to be in use in the future Keilaniemenranta area. Renovated Keilalampi office building and the new Keilaniementori square with two glass pavilions are to be completed soon. Annually held, HURRAA awards recognizes exemplarily and successfully executed actions for the built environment. Find out more here.

Tammasaarenlaituri 3, 00180 Helsinki View map