Finnish Pavilion, Hannover World Expo 2000

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Project description

Finland participates in the EXPO 2000 with its own pavillion. The pavillion is built to serve as a permanent building and its design is based on the winning proposal in an architectural competition. The pavillion is situated at a central location in the Eastern Pavillion Area between the east west Europa Boulevard and Neue Latzener Strasse Süd.

The heart of the pavillion is a Finnish birch grove with erratic boulders. The pavillion is entered through the birch grove, which is intensively perceptible during the entire tour in the pavillion. The trees are 12 to 15 meters of height and the ground is covered with a rich, scenting grass stand. The birch grove is separated from its noisy surroundings with partly silk-screened glass walls. From the outside the two four-storey pavillions look like monolithic pieces of wood lined with dark brown heat-treated pine. It’s designed to create a calm and relaxing space for people tired of that clamorous surrounding expo-area.

The exhibition rooms are situated on the first and second floors and a restaurant is located by the exit on the first floor. An outdoor area by the southern wall serves as an outdoor restaurant. The third floor will host a flexible office area. More offices, the necessary engineering and utility service rooms as well as a sauna with adjacent lounge area for 6 to 10 people will be situated on the fourth floor.

The design is ecological by being flexible and also permanent. After the expo the whole project is going to have a new life with different utilization.


Tammasaarenlaituri 3, 00180 Helsinki View map